On this site you can share your codes for different games, especially Super Smash Bros Brawl. This is fun worldwide. Just be sure to share and receive. Remember that if you receive and do not share you can not BRAWL IT!!.

Good luck!

Share your code and brawl it!!

Friends codes

Norman | 25/11/2010

Hey friends, it's time to share your codes on here and brawl them all!!!


Norman (brawl) | 25/11/2010

hey, my wii code is 5699-6410-9490-5753, and my smash brawl one is 0561-3796-7083, my nick is Mack


B33F | 27/11/2010

Wii code: 3790-6931-8604-7686
Smash Bro code: 0560-4883-2441

Re: codes

Norman | 27/11/2010

thanks, will add you as soon as possible, i will be waiting for smash

Re: codes

Norman | 30/11/2010

sorry my correct smash code is 0561-3296-7083


Ikariuz | 27/11/2010

SSBB fc:1720-3265-5411
please write me to if anyone adds me so i can also add u

Re: codes

Norman | 28/11/2010

will add you as soon as possible

correct code

Norman | 30/11/2010

sorry my correct smash code is 0561-3296-7083

smash code

raul | 21/12/2010

i've added all here so add me for smash (daytimes)
4426-8540-3326 (name is Pete)
thank you

Re: smash code

Ame | 15/01/2011

Add me for smash bros!
5285 9022 7542
2621 4680 9860 3702

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Smash Tournament

25/11/2010 03:27
Hey, New Smash Bros Brawl Online Friend Tournament is comming soon, just share your code on this web and add friends code to your Wii and Brawl game, and that´s it. ENJOY THE FUN!!     Notice: In order to get in, add this wii code  5699-6410-9490-5753, and the smash brawl...


25/11/2010 03:26
Is not necessary to just share Brawl codes. If you want to share other games codes it's OK, you are free to do it.


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